Thursday, October 4, 2012

One Billion and Counting

Facebook is reporting 1,000,000,000+ unique users without being allowed access to China and barely scraping the surface in India (these two countries represent another 2.5+ billion potential users.

So, is it still a fad or here to stay? Discuss.

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  1. Facebook, the company and the site are a fad. I do not know when we will, as an international society, move on from facebook. Although, I have no doubt that we will. There will come a day when facebook is seen by the masses as just as 'lame' as myspace seems now. However, facebook has helped us to build and create a new mentality about acceptable social interaction and how portrayal of self. It is now not only acceptable, but also borderline expected that we will 'facebook-stalk' others and create our own profiles with the knowledge that people outside of our immediate friends and family will see it. So yes, facebook is a fad, but the way it has allowed us to develop as an online culture is here to stay.