Monday, September 24, 2012

Paint a wall...make a video

Using social media to decry social and discuss.

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  1. This video is very interesting because the fact that it's a video of a wall being painted is more thought provoking than a scholar writing an article online. I have to wonder if he's actually doing the opposite of what he's trying to do because the video can be liked and shared online on the very sites that he's saying shouldn't be used as much. He's also a really good artist. The video was intriguing because it makes you think about how much you actually use twitter or facebook or Instagram. I check Facebook in class, or on the bus, or at the barn or when I'm supposed to be doing homework a an avoidance tool because I'd rather be connected online than doing more difficult real world work. Just the other day though, my roommate and I were discussing how much we dislike it when people use Facebook as their diary as opposed to just connecting with friends. Back a couple years ago, Facebook was for posting photos, updating you status and sharing things with friends; now their are sites just for updating a status (twitter) and just for sharing photos (Instagram) and just for sharing websites (Pinterest) so now there are sites for just about every moment of your life which means you'll be connected 24/7 because there's always some update going on somewhere. Even now, this post is on an online media source to be shared, like the video. The most interesting thing about the video for me is that although he is saying that people get too involved in social media, the video is still being shared across the internet.